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ce▓ and potential.By comp▓arison, US GDP in the second quarter incre

ased 2.1%, down from the first quarter’s 3.1%. It was th▓e weakest growth since Pre

sident Donald Trump took off▓ice in 2017. U.S▓. manufacturing fell▓ into a "technical recession" in the first half ▓of 2019, according to Federal Reserve data on industrial output. The IMF r▓ecently projected US growth to reach 2.9 % thi

s y▓ear and 1.9% in 2020. That is one of the reasons why the White Hous▓e has repeatedly urged the Fed▓eral Reserve Bank to lower interes▓t rates. Some in the U.S.

have turned a blind ▓eye to these facts in an attempt to hide from the public their a

se en▓terprises.

pprehension in the face of the US e▓conomic slowdown.▓It makes no sens

These steps show the

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e for the US ▓to accuse China of making last-ditch revisions to ▓dra


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ft agreements, but they oft▓en do this so as to blame China for the ▓f

of both sides

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t, the two sides need to consider each other’s

d t▓o achieve ste
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reasonable concerns. If the US continues to resort to the

ding within the reasonable range and s
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old pressure tactics, it will only end up harming

▓howing its strong resilien
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